Is it safe to give an insurance company online all of my confidential information?

The reputable online insurance companies will hold your information securely and prevent it from getting out of their system. But you should always read their privacy policy to see what they will do with any information about yourself that you provide to them. Also look for secure web pages when they are asking you to fill out information. Look for the little lock symbol at the bottom of your web browser screen to make sure that you are on a secure connection.

How can I tell if an online insurance company is really legitimate?

The reputable online insurance companies will always post their physical address and phone numbers on their website. If they don’t then you should find another provider that isn’t trying to hide behind the internet.

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How hard is it to file an insurance claim for a policy that I bought online?

When it comes to buying insurance online, most companies only use the internet for the initial sales aspect of the policy. Once you have been signed up using the online process, you will be given a customer support and claims phone number. Filing a claim is as easy as calling the phone number provided to you.

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If I try to purchase insurance online, will I be able to get signed up immediately?

Not all online insurance companies will be able to actually give you immediate coverage based on your internet transaction. In many cases the internet is just used to generate a rate quote, but when you want to sign up you must speak with an agent over the phone. This may not take any longer and may in fact help you by letting you ask questions to a live person.